Why Do Dental Implants Standout As the Best Options for Tooth Replacement?

Why Do Dental Implants Standout As the Best Options for Tooth Replacement?

Dentists throughout the world are dedicated to helping you attain a beautiful and healthy smile even if you have lost or your natural teeth. The Nashua dentist can offer you multiple tooth replacement options but will not hesitate to state that the best options for replacing missing teeth are a dental implant. Dental implants are tiny titanium posts that are inserted in the vacant place from where you may have lost a tooth. The implant will be capped with a natural-looking crown that will mimic a natural tooth. This state-of-the-art tooth replacement option offers several advantages over traditional methods such as dentures and bridges. Given below are five of the best reasons why you should consider getting dental implants in Nashua if you have any missing teeth in your mouth.

Dental Implants Are Similar to Your Natural Teeth

Natural teeth have roots that enable them to be anchored to the jawbone. Dental implants work similarly because the titanium posts will integrate into the living jawbone to allow them to remain secured inside your mouth without any concerns about them sliding around. This makes the tooth implant feel natural inside your mouth. They will be indistinguishable from the other teeth in your mouth and give you the ability to speak, eat, smile in the same way as you did with your natural teeth.

As a Tooth Replacement Option, Dental Implants Are the Longest Lasting

Dental implants can provide a permanent solution to tooth loss, unlike dentures. Tooth replacement options like dentures and bridgework need to be replaced or remade over time while dental implants are integrated into your jawbone and can last for a lifetime with proper care. You are unlikely to find a better long-term value than dental implants that will be provided to you by the Nashua dentist.

Dental Implants Can Prevent Bone Loss

Bone loss is inevitable when you lose a tooth. The bone is a living tissue that needs to be stimulated to stay healthy and rebuild itself. Your jawbone receives the stimulation it needs from your teeth but when you lose a tooth the bone underneath begins to melt away making you look prematurely aged. Dental implants can halt bone loss because they integrate with the bone to stabilize it. Tooth replacement options of other varieties cannot match this advantage by any margin.

The Adjacent Teeth Will Not Be Harmed by Dental Implants

Many types of tooth replacement options come with downsides because they can weaken the adjacent teeth. If you choose bridgework it requires natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth to provide support for the bridge. This can put stress on the adjacent teeth. A partial denture will also require support from the neighboring teeth and may affect them over time. On the other hand, dental implants function as standalone tooth replacements without needing support from any other teeth.

Easy to Care for

Another reason to choose dental implants over other tooth replacement options is the ease at which they can be cared for. Caring for dental implants is no different than caring for your natural teeth. You just need to follow your basic oral hygiene practices by brushing twice a day, flossing every day and visiting your dentist for biannual checkups without fail. You also need to ensure you take proper care of your oral hygiene to prevent gum disease. It can help to ensure that your dental implants last for a lifetime.

It is possible that the heavy investment you need to make in dental implants and the involved procedure can scare you to believe you should also look for alternatives but may also be available. If you simply need to replace a few missing teeth you can consider denture implants that are available from Merrimack Valley Dental Care. You can, however, rest assured you are making a sound investment not only to improve your appearance and smile but also to preserve the jawbone in your mouth with a tooth replacement option that will last you for a lifetime.

Losing your permanent teeth will have an impact on your life because of the bone loss that occurs. You will have difficulties speaking, eating, and most importantly smiling before your friends, family members, and others. Getting dental implants may seem like a difficult procedure until you are considered as a suitable candidate for them. After you understand the benefits of this tooth-replacement option you will realize why it is considered as the best among different types of tooth replacements.

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