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At Merrimack Valley Dental Care, Dr. Albert St. Germain and his team of dental professionals are committed to providing quality dental treatments that meet the needs of all our patients. With over 47 years of experience in the field of dentistry and serving the community, we are focused on ensuring our patients have healthy, lasting smiles.

First Visit Experience

We begin your first appointment with an in-depth examination and consultation. We take our time gathering digital x-rays, gum pocket measurements, comprehensive charting and examination and oral cancer screening utilizing Velscope. This ensures that our diagnosis is as precise as possible and determines the type of cleaning you may need. After your specified cleaning, Dr. St. Germain will speak to you about our findings and your specific concerns with your smile. From this conversation, we will map out the treatment that best fits your needs and ensures your oral health is at its optimum.When you call our office, a team member will determine your needs and set up an appointment time that best fits your schedule. We want to ensure you receive the care you need and do so by the first appointment.

Dedicated to your Comfort

At our Nashua dental practice, we offer a number of amenities to ensure your comfort while you’re receiving dental care. When you visit our front office, we offer a refreshments center for family members that are waiting. We do the most to make our patients comfortable. For our older patients, we offer Tempurpedic headrests as well as massaging heated collars. This will ease any symptoms of back or neck pain that being in the dental chair for a prolonged period of time can bring.We offer various techniques for conscious sedation and multiple options of local anesthetics making your dental visit relatively painless. For patients who are uncomfortable once treatment is completed but the numbness remains, we can reverse this uncomfortable feeling so that you can speak and eat normally.

Advanced Technology and Services in One Practice

In order to better serve our patients, we conduct a variety of dental treatments in-house. Our Nashua dental practice is equipped with dental technology such as the i-CAT® scan (3-D imaging) and a carbon dioxide dental laser for surgical procedures and proper implant placement. We stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in dental treatments and technology to ensure our patients receive the best care possible.

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Dr. St. Germain and our team of dental professionals welcome new and returning patients to our Nashua practice. Call Merrimack Valley Dental Care today to schedule your next dental visit!


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